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Sit back. Collect rent.

When you sign a lease with Zeus, you'll enjoy the benefits of hands-off, full-service property management and care.

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Better than Full-Service Property Management

Zeus takes care of your home like it’s our own. We design, furnish, and rent it out for long-term stays, making sure to keep it in top shape. All you have to do is sit back and collect rent. We'll take care of the rest.
Complete Peace of Mind
When you sign a lease with us, we take on the hard work of property care, tenant selection, vetting, rent, and tenant relationship management. We guarantee you’ll get paid on time every month while realizing above market rental income.
High Quality Residents
We find the best residents by partnering with leading companies who value our convenient corporate housing service. All residents go through a rigorous and thorough screening process.
Better than a Property Manager
Our local field teams regularly clean, inspect, and maintain your property. You will never receive an urgent call at 2am about a plumbing issue — we have it covered.

Our simple, painfree process

See what your property makes
Learn how much you can earn. We do all of the research necessary to estimate the rental rate for your property based on dozens of demand signals.
Sign a lease
When you sign a lease with Zeus, you can be confident that you're renting to vetted travelers.
Furnishing & decor
Our team of interior designers hand selects and purchases all of the furniture, equipment, and accessories needed to make your property a perfect fit for our highly-screened residents.
High quality residents
We find the perfect residents, through partnerships with leading companies. We screen each resident to make sure that they will take care of your property.
Professional cleaning & maintenance
Zeus takes care of any issue a resident has. We regularly clean your property and repair any resident caused damage, at no additional cost to the owner.
24/7 Owner support
We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and handle any concerns you may have.
250 Point inspection
We perform a 250-point inspection when we onboard your property to ensure any problems are identified early.
Final touches
We install Wi-Fi, digital locks, and make other minor upgrades—at no cost to you.
First rate furnishing
Our team of professional interior designers decorate and furnish your property to the highest standards.
Well maintained
Zeus will likely be the best tenant you've ever had.

Frequent Questions

How much can I earn?
By serving vetted clients with fully furnished homes, Zeus partners receive higher rents than the average long-term rental.
What maintenance does Zeus cover?
Zeus will cover any resident damage at no cost to the owner. For issues caused by age, deferred maintenance, or accidents, Zeus will repair or oversee repairs at the expense of the owner.
What insurance coverage does Zeus carry?
There are three levels of insurance coverage on every Zeus home: the owner's homeowners insurance, Zeus’ $6,000,000 commercial liability plan, and required individual resident renters insurance.
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