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We sign
master leases
with our landlords.

By signing a lease with you for 2-years or longer, we guarantee you get paid the same amount every month. We design, furnish, and maintain your property for our corporate tenants. Unlike other property management alternatives, you can be assured our primary interests are always aligned with yours: finding the best possible tenants and caring for your property like it's our own.

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Guaranteed Rent

Zeus directly deposits rent into your bank account every month beginning just 30-days after the lease is signed... and then every month thereafter for the term of the lease-no matter what.

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Expertly Maintained

Zeus inspects, touches-up, cleans, and furnishes every property before the first tenant moves in. Our team of interior designers hand select and purchase all the furniture, equipment, and accessories to make your property a perfect fit for our corporate tenants.

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Corporate Tenants

We get corporate tenants by working with leading companies to provide a convenient and unique full-service corporate housing experience for their employees and clients.


The Zeus Experience for Landlords

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  • Guaranteed rent regardless of vacancies
  • High-quality corporate tenants
  • Frequent monitoring of your property
  • Expertly cleaned, touched-up, and furnished
  • Designer furnishing and accessories
Property Management Alternatives
  • Uncertain rent with possible vacancies
  • Inconsistent tenant quality
  • Discover problems after it's already too late
  • Property taken as-is with no improvements
  • Stale, cookie-cutter interiors

How much more can you save with Zeus?

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Estimated Savings with Zeus
vs. property management alternatives
more per year on a lease
Property Management Alternatives
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Tenant Placement Fee
50% of the first month's rent for each tenant
One-time only for the duration of the master lease
1 month of vacancy between tenants
Property Turnover Costs
Paint touchup, repair, and deep cleaning
Management Fee
5% of gross monthly rent
Maintenance Markup
Peace of Mind
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Total 2-Year Cost

Some of Our Corporate Tenants

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We've dramatically simplified property management for landlords.

Managing rental properties should be as easy as managing your stock portfolio. As an investor, all you should worry about is deciding what properties to own and then let someone else handle the rest.

Zeus is that someone else. We take over the primary risk and headache of property ownership―getting and managing tenants―so all you have left to do is sit back and collect rent.

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