Flawless Stays.
For business travel one month or longer.
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The Zeus Experience
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Blazing Fast Wifi
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Designed by Zeus
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A Modern Take
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Unique homes. Always great service.
Zeus homes are not aggregated listings - we've personally vetted, inspected, designed, and stayed at each one to make sure it's perfect when you arrive. Our local team is here for you 24/7. Need a desk for your bedroom? Checking in at 3 am? Something not right? We're always here to help.
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Ready to go.
Be productive right when you arrive. Zeus homes are equipped with speedy WiFi (100 mbps or faster). HD TV and utilities are also included with every stay, so you can enjoy your home right away.
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Designed with care.
Our designers curate and style every home down to the smallest detail. From Casper mattresses, hotel-style linens, and art adorned walls to E&O organic amenities, fully stocked kitchenwares, Equator coffee beans, and our signature candles. You'll feel right at home.
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We make things easy
Book a stay in minutes with accurate, up-to-the minute availability and pricing. Our flexible leases make it easy to extend your stay, or move to a different home, no annoying paperwork or phone calls. Know exactly what to expect with real photos and 3D tours.
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Zeus Hospitality
We're here 24/7 to make sure your stay is flawless, even before your stay begins - whether you're just trying to find the right home, have a question, or anything else.
Stayed at a Zeus property and loved it. Really easy to book, friendly team, and beautiful places.
The team at Zeus made the move incredibly easy for us. 10 out of 10, I would recommend Zeus to a friend and use again.
Nights Booked
Own a Property?
Learn more about how Zeus can fully manage your property. We do the hard work while you receive guaranteed rent payments each month. Zeus furnishes your rental, finds high-quality corporate tenants, and more.
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