Rent Your Home Today You’ll receive guaranteed rent each month and Zeus will take care of the rest.
Zeus furnishes your rental and finds high-quality corporate tenants.

Why Landlords Love Zeus

My house was vacant for over a month before I found Zeus. They moved so quickly that I signed a year lease with them on the spot! They've taken great care of my place and I couldn't be happier to be working with them.
Rangarao P
San Francisco, CA
Zeus is a more efficient and direct way to manage my property. Working with Zeus is like having that eBay "Buy It Now" button for landlords and renters. On top of that, your customer service is impeccable.
Jessica C
Cupertino, CA

How It Works

Zeus handles every aspect of your rental from setting it up to handling day-to-day operations. Just sit back and get a check every month.
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Corporate Partnerships
Zeus is trusted by Bay Area companies to provide convenient, high-quality housing for their employees. Zeus also works with startups from Y Combinator, NFX, and 500Startups.
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Interior Design
Zeus' interior designer selects and purchases all the furniture to make your property fit for corporate tenants. That includes beds, couches, TV's, and even kitchenware. No time or money is needed from you!
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Optimal Pricing
Zeus adjusts your prices daily based on demand to maximize your profit. Zeus crunches the numbers from dozens of data sources to determine not only your optimal price, but also your optimal length of lease.
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Zeus takes professional photos and 3D tours of your property and create listings on all major websites. Zeus answers all emails and phone inquiries promptly and show your property when necessary.
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Tenant Happiness
There are a thousand and one details to delivering a smooth tenant stay. Key exchanges, restocking supplies, and promptly responding to any problems that arise. Zeus has got the entire process down to a science.
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Emergency Response
Zeus is on call 24/7 to handle any issues that arise. Don't spend your nights, weekends (or the middle of the night) dealing with messy problems. Let Zeus take care of it!
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Zeus' cleaning team ensures that your property is thoroughly cleaned before, during, and after guest stays. They are also trained to identify maintenance issues before they turn into expensive repairs.
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If issues arise, Zeus will coordinate any repairs that need to be done. Zeus has a database of trusted vendors who do quality work at reasonable prices. Frequent inspections allow us to nip issues in the bud before they become really costly.