Traveling for Work and Relationships: How to Balance It

Working out of town or dating someone who travels a lot is tough. That’s why we created a guide filled with tips to help. Read now.

Working out of town or dating someone who travels a lot can be tough. Between the long distances, the alternating schedules, and the different jobs, it can be hard to get on the same page.

However, with a bit of creative inspiration and some fun ideas, you can turn traveling for work and relationships into something positive rather than stressful. Let’s take a closer look at how to bridge the gap between out-of-town travel and the romantic relationship with your significant other. Once you fine-tune the perfect balance of the two — you’ll feel happier, more fulfilled, and ready to take on what lies ahead in your long distance relationship.

Brainstorm Future Travels

When you’re dating someone who travels a lot or you’re figuring out the balance between business travel and marriage, it’s fun to brainstorm future visits and vacations. When you and your significant other are together, invest in some cool journals or notebooks that you can each decorate with “bucket list” images, then set aside some time each week to brainstorm together. One of the best parts about planning a trip is the preparation — where you’ll go, what you’ll bring, what you’ll see, and do, and eat while you’re there. There are endless towns and cities to daydream of together, even when you’re physically apart. Flip through travel magazines together while you talk on the phone at night or virtually watch a travel show together during the week. Brainstorming about future visits and travels will give you both excitement and hope for the future (and that is a beautiful thing, indeed).

Focus on Small Surprises

Traveling for work and relationships staying afloat means that each partner needs to do their best to make the other feel special. A good way to do this is to focus on small surprises. A handwritten card in the mail can be a wonderful and uplifting thing to come home to when you’re on the road, and aside from postage and time, it costs nothing to the sender. Bust out some colored paper and markers and get in touch with your creative side to make your significant other happy. Send flowers or a single cupcake to their address to celebrate an anniversary. Think of thoughtful gifts for someone who travels a lot for work, like a new bag or a pair of headphones, that they can tote along with them before their next trip. After you’ve saved up or have some vacation time set aside, you can branch out from the small surprises and accomplish the ultimate surprise — flying or driving in to greet them when their schedule allows. Even during a time when that big surprise isn’t possible, remember that something as seemingly small as a text to say you’re thinking of them or a picture of a favorite quote can be a perfect surprise, too.

Bring Them Along

When you’re working out of town for business, see if you can find a way to bring your partner with you. If you have kids, look into neighborhood homes for business travel rather than a simple studio or apartment. At Zeus, we offer plenty of furnished home rentals for your family to spread out, which can be fun for you and your little ones (especially during school vacations or summer break). Parents who travel for work can often feel like they’re missing out, but if you bring the whole family along, the classic business trip just became something entirely different. If you don’t have kids, the thrill of a new city can be a great building block for a relationship. Traveling with your significant other exposes you both to a range of new experiences. You can plan hikes, find the best places to dine and explore a new cultural scene. During times when it’s tough to be away from the people you love — the easiest thing can be right under your nose; simply bring them along for the journey.

Unplug When You’re Together

Long-distance relationships or dating someone who travels a lot can mean focusing on technology to keep you together. Virtual visits via FaceTime and Zoom or lengthy text and phone conversations work wonders to bring people together. But when you’re together in person — take some time to unplug. These days, it’s easy to whip out a device and start scrolling through social media, but it’s important to resist the temptation. When you haven’t seen your significant other in a while, do your best to practice mindfulness and stay present at the moment. After the initial thrill of seeing each other again, of course, it’s fine to bust our your smartphone and start posting, but in those first few hours of being together, do your best to soak up every moment.

Stay Supportive (Not Envious)

If someone you love is working out of town and you’re left behind, it’s easy to feel envious. especially if you have obligations at home. Remember that if you have a spouse who is working out of town, it’s not exactly the same as a spouse who is traveling for vacation. They’re most likely working long hours with meetings, deadlines, and a growing to-do list. To the best of your ability, try to stay supportive rather than envious. If you do experience those feelings of envy creeping up, talk to your partner about them rather than taking it out on them. Similarly, if you’re the one who is traveling, recognize that your partner might be feeling left-out-of-the-loop. Reassure them if your dinner meetings with colleagues are necessary and take the extra step to let them know that they are missed. Whether you’re the one who is doing the travels or the one who is watching the travels, stay supportive, and remember to communicate.

Find Hobbies to Make You Happy

When you’re dating someone who travels a lot, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re losing a bit of your own direction. One way to combat this is to make sure you’re focusing on hobbies that make you happy. If your spouse or significant other is working out of town, use this time to focus on yourself and set some achievable goals that will make you feel good. These activities can range from piano lessons to fitness classes, to choosing something new and exciting to make for dinner. Alternatively, if you’re the one who is traveling, it’s just as important for you to carve a piece out of the day and find something that elicits joy. Maybe this means taking a morning walk with your coffee around the neighborhood or venturing to the local market when the day is through to gather fresh ingredients. If you and your spouse are individually finding time to do things that make you happy when you’re apart, you’ll notice that the times when you’re together are even sweeter.

Talk About Finances

Unless your boss is footing all the bills during your travel time, you’ll most likely be going out for that extra coffee or happy hour with colleagues and spending some cash. If you’re not open with your significant other, this can lead to a point of disconnection between the two of you. Keep track of what you’re spending, so that you can be open with your spouse or partner. If you have a family back home, try to keep expenses down rather than spending the extra funds on room service or fancy cocktails. Discuss a budget so that you each are clear on expectations and finances. Working together to come up with a finance plan will ensure that you both remain on the same team — even when you’re in different cities. A good rule of thumb, if you’re looking to conserve funds, is to find a rental spot with a kitchen. Like other similar lodging locations, Zeus offers fully equipped kitchens with all the essentials so you can whip up a great meal (and save some money in the process).

Whether you’re traveling to another country or taking a quick overnight trip to the next city over, learning how to bridge the gap between traveling for work and relationships can feel overwhelming at first.

If you take things one step at a time and consider everything from finances to surprises to unplugging from all things tech — you’ll find that the task at hand isn’t as tough as you once thought. At the end of it all, remember that the most important thing is to be together when you’re together. Spend time soaking up the moments by creating new memories as a family or as a couple. Plan an adventure. Cook a meal together. Take a mini-vacation when you have a free night.

At Zeus, we know that whatever you do, you’ll be happy to be together. If you need any help with booking a home-away-from-home, feel free to reach out to our team today. From studios to neighborhood homes, we’re here to make working out of town (and vacationing out of town) a breeze.