We Raised $55 Million in Series B Funding

We’re proud to announce that Zeus Living has secured a $55M Series B funding round. Led by TI Platform Management, investors include AirbnbNFXSpike VenturesCEAS InvestmentsComcast, and existing investor, Initialized Capital. We couldn’t be more excited about this group of investors.

With their support, we can do what we’ve always done, but even better. Since we started Zeus Living 4 years ago, we’ve had over 27,000 residents stay with us for over 650,000 nights.

Now, more than ever, the way we live is mobile and increasingly global. We travel more for work and stay for longer periods of time. Family is dispersed around the country and the world, and we want it to be easy to visit loved ones during important moments in our lives. We want to effortlessly try out a new city, a new neighborhood, and a new life without the hassle and stress of relocation. That’s why we make it easy for people to live where opportunity takes them.

Our top priority is, and always will be, creating exceptional experiences for our residents, the businesses we work with, and our owners. In service of this, here’s what we plan to do with this new round of funding:

  • Grow our portfolio of homes. We know that our residents want a choice of homes, whether they want to stay in a specific neighborhood or have a certain number of bedrooms. This is why we’ve always focused on a depth versus breadth approach: we want to be deeply invested in the cities we choose, to provide a wide selection of homes, supported by our unmatched on-the-ground teams. We’ll continue to grow our portfolio of homes to further serve our residents’ needs.
  • Expand into new cities. Because we focus on building depth, we expand into new cities thoughtfully and only when we know we can provide a wide selection of homes and deliver excellent customer service with a dedicated local team. With this funding, we’ll be able to develop more quickly a selection of homes in new cities and bring on teams ready to take care of our residents and owners. Get ready: you’ll see us in more cities soon.
  • Lean into our technology to improve the experience. We think of ourselves as a hospitality company that’s supported by tech, and not the other way around. Because of this, we’re focused on how our technology improves the experience for our residents, the companies whose travel needs we support, and our owners, whose homes we take care of. We use our tech to make sure we’re signing the correct number of leases in the right neighborhoods, and simultaneously streamlining our internal processes to be increasingly efficient and customer-focused. This new round will push us even further, allowing our team to create new proprietary technologies that redefine modern hospitality and delight our residents and owners.

We’ve come a long way since our inception, and are eager to embark on this next chapter for Zeus Living. We’ve grown from a company of 3 in 2015 to a team of over 200 in 6 cities and on two coasts. It’s heartening to see that NFX, who has been with us from the start, continues to believe in our mission: “As the first investor in Zeus, we’re thrilled to see the team go from idea to series B,” said James Currier, Managing Partner at NFX. “Residential real estate is one of the world’s largest markets. And by addressing all sides of the housing marketplace—tied in with software—Zeus is positioning itself for strong network effects and defensibility.”

To achieve our goals, we’ll need to bring on new team members across all of our teams, including resident experience, operations, product, marketing, and engineering. Take a look and reach out if you’d like to join us in our next chapter—we love meeting new people and getting referrals from friends.