How to Meet People in Seattle: The Emerald City

Whether you’re moving or visiting, there’s lots of people to meet in Seattle. See our guide on how to meet people in Seattle now.

Visiting a new city brings an exciting sense of the unknown. Packed with new places to see and people to meet, new cities carry the promise of stories waiting to be told and adventures yet to be experienced. The Emerald City is no different. Seattle boasts a wide range of activities to do, places to go, and great people to meet.

Whether you are just visiting Seattle for a brief period of time or moving here to join the bustling economy, it’s simple to start making the connections that can last a lifetime.

Join a Club or Group

If you’re planning on settling into the area for a while or visiting for a month or more, if you’re looking for how to make friends in Seattle joining a club can be a great way to meet people.

Joining a club offers a couple of benefits that make it more likely to make a connection with someone there. Club activities are usually structured and occur on a regular basis, which gives you time to get to know the other members of the club without feeling like you are rushed. And if you meet someone in a club you’ll know that you already share an interest in that activity. Whether it’s a running club, book club, or wine-tasting club, spending time with others that share your same interests will make it more likely that you’ll create a connection over time.

Seattle is a bustling metropolis, so there’s no shortage of clubs that you can join at any time. Seattle’s Meetup site is a great resource you can use to find clubs that pique your interest. Love coffee? Join the Coffee Club of Seattle. Always wanted to get started hiking but haven’t done it? There are a number of resources available to find like-minded people. The Washington Trails Association (WTA) has put together a list of websites, including Meetup, with groups that organize and lead outdoor activities. Hiking is one of the best free things to do in Seattle, and joining a hiking club can introduce you to the best hikes in the region.

Join an Adult Sports League

Ready to break a sweat while you make new friends? Try joining an adult sports team in one of Underdog Seattle’s sports leagues. Underdog has leagues for beach volleyball, dodgeball, bowling, flag football, kickball, softball, and volleyball. Leisure sports such as Bocce Ball and Cornhole are also offered.

You can join a team as an individual or with a group if you are with someone else. Most of the sports have co-ed teams, while flag-football offers both men’s and co-ed leagues. You can choose a team at the location closest to where you live or where you work.

Adult sports leagues are a great way to meet new people and connect, all while taking part in fun activities. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a great athlete to enjoy yourself. Adult sports leagues are accessible to everyone, and with sports like kickball available, you can try something new in a laid-back and friendly environment.

Take a class

If you are new to the area and wondering how to meet people in Seattle, try taking a class. In Seattle, you’ll have access to great educational resources through Seattle Central College’s personal enrichment classes. You can learn new skills such as woodworking, painting, or photography, all while having the opportunity to meet other people who live in the area.

Continuing education courses are a great way to explore new hobbies, or deepen an existing passion for a subject in an environment that’s safe and welcoming. If you’re staying in one of Zeus’s Seattle rentals, you’ll have ready access to nearby educational resources. This makes it easy to learn a new skill after work or on the weekends.

Continuing education classes aren’t the only ones available in the downtown Seattle area. Are you interested in dancing? Consider taking a series class at the Century Ballroom. You can learn Salsa, Kizomba, Argentine Tango, and more. While they do offer couples classes for those dancers who have a partner, solo dancers are encouraged to join as well. These are 5-week courses, offering you the opportunity to get to know your other class members in a more intimate setting. If you are just visiting Seattle for a month, consider dropping in on one of the nightly classes or attending an intro lesson.

The Seattle Bouldering Project offers a variety of climbing, bouldering, and yoga classes. Located just a few minutes outside of downtown Seattle, this gym offers walk-in bouldering and climbing as well as classes led by expert instructors. If you aren’t familiar with bouldering, it’s a form of rock climbing without the assistance of ropes or harnesses. Don’t worry—you won’t be far off the ground, which is also padded! Boulding is both physically and mentally challenging, and classes offer the opportunity to try something new and meet some new people that share your sense of adventure.

Dive Into the Music Scene

If music is your thing then Seattle has a great lineup of venues, festivals, and events that are perfect for hearing great music and meeting new people. Want to attend a big concert with a headline band? You’ll probably want to check out shows at KeyArena in the Seattle Center. While you are there take some time to visit the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPoP) or jump over to watch a live performance at the KEXP radio station.

There is no shortage of bars, coffee shops, and breweries around the area that host live performances on a regular basis. If you have the taste for more musical variety, visit one of the many music festivals that are held in the Seattle area every year. Notable among these are the Northwest Folklife Festival which is held every year on Memorial Day weekend. The Folklife Festival features over 20 stages and 5,000 performers, along with food, crafts, and much more.

If you’re visiting or staying in the Seattle area around Labor Day, be sure to visit the Bumbershoot festival. Held in the Seattle Center under the Space Needle, Bumbershoot is Seattle’s biggest festival that includes music, comedy, art and crafts. If you’re wondering what is the best time of year to visit Seattle , early September offers beautiful weather and less crowds than the summer months which makes Bumbershoot a great way to wrap up summer.

Hit the Breweries

If you’re staying downtown in one of our centrally located rental homes, take some time to tap into Seattle’s explosive craft brewery market. Breweries are a great place to relax, meet new people, and see a side of the city that you might otherwise miss. First stop? The Ballard Brewery District.

You already know that Seattle residents take their brews seriously if they dedicate an entire district to it. Notable breweries that are beloved by the locals are Stroup Brewing, Rooftop Brewing Company and Reuben’s Brews. But don’t worry, you’ll have no trouble finding your new favorite IPA or stout. If you’d like some company and guidance, consider joining a brewery tasting group like the Beer Necessities Group, an all-female group consisting of over 1,400 members.

Check out our guide for getting around Seattle so that you can take advantage of public transit to and from the Ballard Brewery District.

Stay Central

Seattle has a bustling nightlife with award-winning breweries, music, and food spread out throughout the metro area. If you’re looking for where to meet people in Seattle, the downtown area is going to offer some of the best spots to do so.

Whether you are in Seattle for a visit or moving here permanently, stay in one of our beautiful rental homes at Zeus. Zeus has multiple homes available throughout the Seattle-Metro area. Their central location makes it easy to tap into the extensive public transit system to get around quickly, ensuring you’ll never miss an event, meetup or class.

Our rentals are tastefully furnished with clean, modern, and comfortable furniture. With must-have amenities like high-speed WiFi, premium linens, cookware, and everyday essentials, your rental will feel like a second home. If you’ve ever wondered, “should I move to Seattle?,” try living in the ci ty for a month or more in a Zeus rental!

Closing Thoughts

If you’re new to the Seattle area getting to know new people can seem intimidating at first. Don’t worry—there are some great things to do in the area that will set the stage for natural connections to occur. If you’re ready to meet new people now, try joining a club, taking a class, or take up a new hobby. Love music? Visit one of the great local festivals, or go to a local coffee shop or brewery to watch a live performance.

There’s no shortage of great things to do in the Seattle area. Make the most of your time in the city by renting one of our Zeus furnished homes and apartments. Our Seattle home rentals are centrally located in the city, ensuring you’ll have easy access to events no matter where they are held.