How to Improve a Space with a Gallery Wall

In this post Alex Burrow, our Head of Home Design, explains how to transform your space with a gallery wall

When our head of design, Alex Burrow, set out to transform 2121 3rd Street into a Zeus home, she seized an opportunity to incorporate a gallery wall. Alex explains, “I knew we needed to make the wall behind the sofa a focal point, and due to its magnitude, a singular piece of art wouldn’t be able to accomplish that.”


You may be tempted to grab a hammer and nails and start hanging pictures. Take a step back. Instead, break out a measuring tape and measure the size of the project. The measurements will let you experiment with the layout in a software program or even on the floor. “The first step in arranging this gallery wall was determining the amount of wall space I wanted covered. Then, I determined that I wanted all pieces to be pretty large due to the height of the ceilings,” adds Alex.

There is no right answer to how to arrange the pictures. As you move the pieces around, look for an arrangement that resonates with you. Alex elaborates, “Orientation and print selection is where it gets really fun and becomes a game of putting a puzzle together. There’s no real formula with that – it’s an experiment to see what makes sense visually and what doesn’t. I recommend using any software that allows you to drag and resize images freely before deciding on the exact prints and sizes you use.”

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