How Long Does It Take to Renovate A House

Home renovations have different timelines. To start planning, see our guide for how long it take to renovate a house.

You’ve finally done it! You have saved up the money after careful planning and strategic budgeting to afford the home renovation you’ve always wanted. Your discipline is about to pay off as you embark on the journey of renovating a house. Take a step back and congratulate yourself for a moment, because now is when the work really begins.

Home Renovation, The Wonderful Project

Like any major project, renovating a home requires meticulous planning and near flawless execution to materialize your vision. In addition to renovation costs, you need to be prepared with a qualified general contractor, interior designer, or plumbing and electrical specialist. Once you have all these, begin renovating. You might be wondering, how long does it take to renovate a house? Or, how long in terms of my home?

Below, we will detail the average timelines of some common home renovations as well as provide insight into the renovation process in general. While this may seem daunting at first, it is also terribly exciting.

How Long Does It Take To Renovate A House?

Obviously, remodeling project lengths and estimates are hard things to come by. Each house is specific and therefore each project is specific. Imagine your house to be a living being—this project is a form of surgery. Like any surgery, the end result is meant to improve your quality of life but the means by which you get there vary dramatically.

Starting with a quality general contractor for large enterprises is a great first step, especially if this is your first time undergoing such a project. Talk to neighbors, do the exhaustive online research, and try to find someone who is well respected within the space and specializes in what you are looking to do. Of course, if you are slightly more experienced, you can generate a list of subcontractors yourself to do your bidding on your timeline, potentially saving money along the way.

Whatever the case may be, below we’ll detail some of the most common types of renovations seen in homes and their approximate construction durations thanks to a helpful poll done by Home Advisor.

Additions & Remodels

This is the largest category in terms of renovation costs and time involved. These remodeling projects generally require far more than aesthetic facelifts. You will expose the guts of your home (electrical, plumbing, wood framing, wall innards) and then build out from scratch. These projects have the greatest variance in terms of cost for the same reasons. Thus, it’s always better to have 20% of your budget set aside for any mishaps or unexpected problems that arise.

  • Home Addition – The survey at Home Advisor concluded that it takes anywhere from 3-4 months on average for projects like these. Again, that is only time under construction; the planning, design, and permitting stages can sometimes take twice as long. But, the good news is you’re expanding your home and can likely stay there during the renovation process!
  • Kitchen Remodel – For this type of renovation project, it was reported that approximately 6 weeks is the amount of time you should allot for the construction phase. Again, it is good to note that some were reported to take up to 6 months as they found problems in plumbing and piping—a common phenomenon when exposing the guts of your kitchen. Others were as short as 3 weeks when just replacing countertops, built-in shelving, cabinets, appliances, etc.
  • Bathroom Remodel – The bathroom remodels were reported to take 4.5 weeks. If you’re moving a wall or changing pipes, account for even more time. However, new tiles and a fresh paint job can take as little as 2 weeks.
  • Basement Remodel – Surprisingly, this project takes on average 7.5 weeks according to Home Advisor users. You’d think a bathroom would generally take longer, which it can, but given the level of use that basements receive (be they home gyms, theatres, work areas, etc.) this project can take longer than anticipated.
Outdoor Construction

For pretty much all types of construction, it’s best to have a dedicated space on your property for two things: supplies and a dumpster. Creating a space for the contractors to leave their equipment, stage supplies for your project, and safely remove all debris during demo and construction will go a long way in establishing a mutually respected relationship (between you and your contractors).

  • New Asphalt Roof – The beauty of this project is that it only takes about a week (unless you count removing old shingles from certain roofs). These projects can even take as little as 5 days and the best part is, you don’t even have to be home while they work!
  • New Siding – This was among the most common outdoor construction projects found. Almost everyone, regardless of the material used for new siding (stucco, wood, metal, etc.), came in at around 2 weeks.
  • New Deck – These projects clocked in at around 2.5 weeks. In order for the builder to stay on track for these estimates, it is highly advisable to get professional plans drawn up early. They’re the framework for the project—so the sooner, the better.
  • New Pool – Ah! The lovely (but dreaded) pool installation. These projects can vary widely depending on various factors. For instance, fiberglass pools can be installed in as little as 3 weeks, whereas vinyl-lined can take up to a month, and concrete up to 3 months to allow for proper curing. Whichever you decide, it’s always better to plan well ahead of the months you’ll want to be enjoying your backyard aquatic treasure (plan for the summer so you can soak up the sun in your beautiful new pool!).

Home Improvements

The smallest and most manageable batch of house renovation projects, will vary greatly in terms of cost and time but are still shorter than the home-sweeping indoor/outdoor types listed above.

  • New Windows – Generally, it will take three weeks for a full window retrofit of your home. Most of that time is spent planning, measuring, and cutting to ensure seamlessness.
  • Wood Flooring – Users report that it takes a single week for these to be installed. However, like many wooden installations, they need time to adjust to your home. You might find yourself unable to walk on these floors for up to four days as the wood cures beneath your feet.
  • Wood Fence – Almost to a T, 3 days. On the first day, set the posts. Second, put up the posts. Third, attach the gate and seal the wood.
  • House Painting – In general, about a week. Like all things, this will vary on the number of walls and rooms being painted, and whether or not you have a multi-storied home.

Whatever the renovation project may be, always go in with a plan. Decide on the scope of your project and your budget. This will help determine the timeline and how long your home will be under construction. From there, enlist the help of professionals as needed to ensure you get the very best attention paid to your home. And take care of those professionals! Leaving out a bagel platter, lemonade on hot days or even just lunches from time to time will go a long way for the hardworking people in your home.

The Importance Of The Relationship

Throughout this article, we’ve touched a bit about creating a healthy relationship between you and those working on your home. But why, exactly? Because contractors are relationship-driven professionals. If they feel valued, respected, and appreciated, then they will work harder to ensure that you hit your project deadlines. The relationship itself can be a major factor in the timeline of the aforementioned processes.

Should you create lasting relationships, these professionals will understand your home intuitively, ensuring that repairs and future remodels are executed perfectly!


Options for Temporary Housing While Construction is Ongoing

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