8 Best Coworking Spaces in Los Angeles

Are you a business traveler in the LA area? See our list of co-working spaces in Los Angeles for your next visit.

Coworking allows remote workers to share ideas and information, to network, and to brainstorm—and these days, it’s on the rise in cities nationwide.

Whether you’re a freelance writer or a small startup team, the coworking spaces in Los Angeles offer flexible alternatives to working at home or from a traditional office. Between spaces meant for artists to those meant for entrepreneurs, each LA coworking space is home to a unique atmosphere and a distinct environment.

If you’re a business traveler coming to the LA area, we’ve rounded up our top coworking spaces for your next visit—so you can get things done while still soaking up the sights and sounds of the City of Angels. If you plan on staying longer, see our guide to the safest neighborhoods in LA to make your best choice when staying in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for the perfect creative coworking space, Downtown Los Angeles is home to a good selection of them. Epiphany Space is a music venue, artist community, and coworking spot that hosts writer retreats, networking events, and collaborations. Its tagline is “Creative breakthroughs in the community,” which seems to be exactly what this space offers. Perks include free parking, high-speed internet, flexible work space, and coffee and tea all day to keep you fueled up. There’s easy access to the 101 freeway, which makes your coworking commute fast and simple. With quiet rooms for meditation and private meeting space available by reservation, this friendly environment prides itself on making a healthy and collaborative place to create. At its core, Epiphany Space is a place for artists and freelancers to support one another, escape isolation, and thrive. If this sounds like your jam, come check out one of the events and see if Epiphany space is a fit — from songwriting workshops and open mics to film screenings, there’s something here for all types of artists.

One of the main benefits of an LA coworking space is knowing you can get your work done all day, every day. Kleverdog Coworking takes this a step further by allowing full-time members to make their own hours. Its flexible space is open 24/7, which means you can come in at 6 pm and stay until 2 am if you want—conventional work hours don’t need to limit your peak productivity. For some, working by yourself can be lonely, so Kleverdog fosters an environment where workers can come, share, collaborate, network, and socialize. Kleverdog is located in the heart of Chinatown, just a block north of the Central Plaza. Different types of cuisine abound at this location, from Chinese to Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, and more. Once your belly is filled with all the nearby culinary goodness, come back to your desk and put the finishing touches on your big project. Kleverdog has the coffee and WiFi to help get you there.

Located in the Wells Fargo Center, Indie Desk offers a clean and bright coworking space. It’s one of the most flexible coworking spaces in Los Angeles, as you can choose between a daily visitor pass, a dedicated desk, a shared desk, a team space, and conference rooms. Depending on how much work you need to get done, you can opt for a day pass, week pass, or a monthly membership. Indie Desk hosts tons of events, from blogger meetups to film shoots. Launched in 2011, this was the first coworking space in DTLA, and it has since created a place for many startups and freelancers to flourish. The space also has staff to help guide you in and out, and keep you from getting lost before your big conference meeting.

If you’re a writer looking for coworking spaces in Los Angeles, you’re in luck! The Hatchery Press is a membership-based shared workspace for writers, the sort of place “Where Stories Are Born.” The Hatchery offers convenient and flexible options for those who travel, and it makes it easy to suspend your membership whenever you need to. There’s flexible access seven days a week between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm, free coffee and tea, a resource library, and a superb sundeck to get inspired for all your best story ideas. The Hatchery also offers a variety of monthly classes, workshops, and events, like screenwriting workshops and poetry workshops. Come for a free trial day before you commit and see what sort of creative inspiration The Hatchery conjures.

When it comes to community-based coworking spaces in Los Angeles, Rita House works to bring together like-minded innovators and creators of all ages. You can apply for three different types of memberships: social (for community and events), local (so you can consider it your office and social house), and residential (where you can settle in with your own office or studio). Rita House is a relaxed environment filled with cozy couches, little touches like fresh flowers, and a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’re the type who likes doing your work with a mug of hot tea in complete contentment, this might be just the spot for you. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and applicants typically hear back within seven days.

NeueHouse Hollywood

Now in what once was the original CBS Studios, NeueHouse Hollywood is now an iconic LA coworking space. Located in Columbia Square, it offers private office space and a cultural home for innovators, leaders, and creators. With a timeless design and elevated hospitality, a membership to NeueHouse promises meaningful connections in a range of creative fields. Go for the Salon non-resident membership to tap into cultural events and be a part of the vibrant community while also gaining full access on weekends to programs and restaurants. There’s also the Gallery membership for individuals and small teams who don’t need a permanent desk but enjoy an open and flexible workspace. If you’re on the hunt for something more permanent, check out the Resident memberships, which include the dynamic Atelier option or the closed-office Studio option. Whichever way you choose to go, rest assured that NeueHouse offers a dynamic environment and plenty of opportunities for networking.

With locations in both Marina del Rey and El Segundo, BizHaus is an excellent LA coworking space for startups and entrepreneurs. Dedicated to helping your business grow, this coworking community consists of freelancers and creative types looking for an environment where they can focus on their business. From desks and conference rooms to networking opportunities, you can choose what works best for you, then take advantage of BizHaus’ supportive community and flexible memberships. You can also go the route of a “virtual office space,” so your company can have a home with a dedicated business address, which means you can work remotely while knowing a nice stack of mail will be waiting for you whenever you choose to snag it. As one member says, “The work environment [and] the vibe is super cool. We have free coffee and drinks, and the space is kept very clean and orderly”. Whether you’re venturing here to get away from the distractions of home or to network with some new folks in your field, BizHaus offers one of the most trusted coworking spaces in Los Angeles.

Located in Culver City, procolo.co is a locally-owned boutique LA coworking space. At15,000 square feet with six unique suites, it boasts beautiful decks, panoramic LA views, and a gourmet kitchen, making it the ideal workspace for those who like the little luxuries. If you and your team are searching for something comfortable without distractions, procolo.co allows you to stay focused and on track. For an added artistic bonus, the building situated in Culver City’s Creative Arts and Media District, is known as an architectural landmark. With vaulted ceilings, natural light, and stunning views, you’ll want to settle into this coworking space, check off everything on your to-do list, and stay awhile to bask in the newfound productivity.

Whether you’re going the route of something more secluded and quiet, or searching for a space where you can socialize and partake in a weekly happy hour, there’s a coworking space in Los Angeles to get your creative and entrepreneurial juices flowing.

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