About Zeus

Zeus is the best way to rent furnished housing.
Zeus hosts startups, students, and companies in the Bay Area.

Our Story

We love real estate and care deeply about building the best customer experience. We believe in thoughtfully designed spaces, a responsive team, and state-of-the-art technology to efficiently power it all.

The Zeus platform allows partners to focus on growing their portfolios while earning more money from their existing properties, without any hassle. Managing real estate is a problem rooted in incentives and technology, not finance.

Why People
Love Zeus

Working with Zeus was a wonderful experience! I booked a few properties with them for some of our employees. The Zeus team was very responsive and went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed. We will definitely continue to work with the Zeus team! Thanks for making our employees feel welcome and comfortable!
Tani L
San Francisco, CA
From the landlord's point of view, Zeus is a more efficient & direct way to manage income. The traditional property manager model has a lot of inefficiency & uncertainty. Zeus helps to remove that. Working with Zeus is like having that EBay "Buy It Now" button for landlords & renters. On top of that, your customer service is impeccable.
Jessica C
Cupertino, CA


Kulveer ebb63d173bae2828c58cd5865c3c76b99152283077063554cc50c53a7499f258
Kulveer Taggar
Kulveer has successfully invested in real estate all over the world. He left England to come to San Francisco in 2004 to start a new company. His love for real estate is only surpassed by his love for Manchester United.
Srini 4ead7add5e806a96a5bbbf38703dff20ad9f6103c8649b81975e126a47672e43
Srini Panguluri
Srini has been involved in real estate as the manager for his own properties and as a passive investor. He enjoys technology, investing, and Stanford football.
Joe fc954ba0832d8ca2675adcbe695df83ff07675585cfc891adb7ef733abfe3e82
Joe Wong
Joe's eye-opening introduction to being a landlord was the impetus for Zeus. When he's not buried in code, he loves to play basketball and also nerd out on sports analytics.
Julia 7d6fe9bd2d8d05ecf56591979be6d14639e07b25a820142dc37c5fc1e5dab113
Julia Pielock
After studying art history in college, Julia worked in advertising for Vogue Magazine and Architectural Digest. She took her love of houses and became a licensed CA realtor. She was an All-American swimmer and now enjoys yoga and cooking.
Casey 149b365f887f145468c9b9a74f36b96c03a92a55c40c9a4ba611fbf169011bbb
Casey Johnson
From a young age, Casey has always had a knack for figuring out how things work. He brings those skills to Zeus as an all-around Mr. Fix It. In his spare time, he loves camping, hiking, and biking.
Nam b0f057de30a5c69137deef91ebfbe0a36d323245b2df790c0202e617d855b2ae
Nam Kim
Nam loves learning about real estate. When he's not coding, he enjoys being indoors and reading.
Karolis 54f2d8bf5547d51fefd68ff166f7bc8f3b6ab77d42302e0a2080a70521814c74
Karolis Karalevicius
Karolis co-founded 2 real estate companies and believes the process of owning and renting property is outdated and ripe for significant changes. When he’s not solving operational challenges at Zeus, he’s on a mountain bike or running trails.
Sara 9ba571efdfd64f60dfc99d74c49946c0e3667fd894c5bf49fc40c9ec89f4ac5d
Sara Katz
Sara grew up in real estate, learning from her family's property management business. She came to Zeus with a background in law, contracts, and investment property lending. Sara loves skiing, cycling, surfing, backpacking, traveling, and live music.
Sid 49d5fb8b9379c4a7d36c0619133200a3fe89ad1daca97d1c3255cfa8db260bf7
Sid Chapman
Sid started in real estate as a paralegal before finding that he was better suited for facilities maintenance. He is passionate about providing the best possible customer service for Zeus tenants.
Alex 573fb39b8aae77d1ea0969103b921b7fabbf3356f09f6f5c2cb0338475d38c6b
Alex Burrow
From an early age, Alex has had an interest in interior design. When she isn't designing the newest Zeus property, you can find her scouring local estate sales for cool antiques to sell in her online shop. She is also the mom to Ralston, the cutest dog in the world.
Isabel 579fdf517ffa61d451bc21d7df2e4ecf312f1134add299f1918cf65152571a5c
Isabel Tyler
A longstanding passion for interior design and creating processes brought Isabel to Zeus where she manages the furnishing process. Outside of work she can be found skiing in Tahoe, playing tennis, and visiting family on the East Coast.
Laura 38fb572b07473d16218b0c10f7b9ebf25184c71ccf3e9304f7ea3e3e222fbbdb
Laura Damante
Laura has been involved in real estate since a young age, working with her architect father back home in England, and more recently as a licensed realtor in NYC. She enjoys hiking, sports, volunteering and being mommy to her gorgeous bunny Samson!
Melissa 56cbfb16296772dde839178a88d3fdf9dc13082c98e40b83b711f564ceba6424
Melissa Chew
Melissa is a recent accounting graduate and is pursuing her dream to become a CPA. She used to be a ballet dancer before moving to the US to focus on her education.
Headquartered in San Francisco, the team at Zeus has built award winning products, sold companies and is driven to redefine property management. Our investors include Y Combinator, the NFX Guild, Bowery Capital, Google Ventures, Floodgate, MetaProp, Naval Ravikant and Gmail creator Paul Buchheit.
Bridge fe66945eb28328adbc4cff0cc8ce2055eedae30815f4650786274d86ddbd8c1d
729 Minna St
San Francisco, CA