About Zeus

Zeus is the best way to rent furnished housing.
Zeus hosts startups, students, and companies in the Bay Area.

Our Story

We love real estate and care deeply about building the best customer experience. We believe in thoughtfully designed spaces, a responsive team, and state-of-the-art technology to efficiently power it all.

The Zeus platform allows partners to focus on growing their portfolios while earning more money from their existing properties, without any hassle. Managing real estate is a problem rooted in incentives and technology, not finance.

Why People
Love Zeus

Working with Zeus was a wonderful experience! I booked a few properties with them for some of our employees. The Zeus team was very responsive and went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed. We will definitely continue to work with the Zeus team! Thanks for making our employees feel welcome and comfortable!
Tani L
San Francisco, CA
From the landlord's point of view, Zeus is a more efficient & direct way to manage income. The traditional property manager model has a lot of inefficiency & uncertainty. Zeus helps to remove that. Working with Zeus is like having that EBay "Buy It Now" button for landlords & renters. On top of that, your customer service is impeccable.
Jessica C
Cupertino, CA


Kulveer b1f1b14002f9978cdee6c5673e5f3b538a53a4936854a8b75d49067fa080ab54
Kulveer Taggar
Kulveer has successfully invested in real estate all over the world. He left England to come to San Francisco in 2004 to start a new company. His love for real estate is only surpassed by his love for Manchester United.
Srini e0f22c6c56a0161c98712cf76f4dac07502914162e0008d664a554879b0b4480
Srini Panguluri
Srini has been involved in real estate as the manager for his own properties and as a passive investor. He enjoys technology, investing, and Stanford football.
Joe cc96e5b2907ce6a79598c02a9759f466deeade17a1482c8fd6d80559d989577e
Joe Wong
Joe's eye-opening introduction to being a landlord was the impetus for Zeus. When he's not buried in code, he loves to play basketball and also nerd out on sports analytics.
Julia 4a21c75c4597c05bd0cf69422d33d753fef278884d7c08bf57bcaca8e5b5edfd
Julia Pielock
Prior to joining Zeus, Julia became a licensed CA realtor and loves helping people with their homes. She swam competitively in college and also enjoys practicing yoga and cooking.
Casey 92696fbb56fbdc683ddabe331c03fcdb06964c3a99f07174acb1ed37042fa0b5
Casey Johnson
From a young age, Casey has always had a knack for figuring out how things work. He brings those skills to Zeus as an all-around Mr. Fix It. In his spare time, he loves camping, hiking, and biking.
Headquartered in San Francisco, the team at Zeus has built award winning products, sold companies and is driven to redefine property management. Our investors include Y Combinator, the NFX Guild, Bowery Capital, Google Ventures, Floodgate, MetaProp, Naval Ravikant and Gmail creator Paul Buchheit.
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729 Minna St
San Francisco, CA