Where to Celebrate Your Birthday in Los Angeles

See the top restaurants, night life, and more to celebrate your birthday in Los Angeles. It’ll be the best one yet

  • Where to Celebrate Your Birthday in Los Angeles

    Your birthday comes but once per year, so it should always be a joyous day of celebration with friends, family, and good times. If you are celebrating your birthday in Los Angeles, probably the hardest part is trying to weed through all of the potential activities and venues available to you. If you are in need of ideas or recommendations, here are some fun things to do for your birthday in Los Angeles.

    Enjoy Some Barcades

    Combining the food and drink of a bar with the fun atmosphere of an arcade, barcades have seen a massive growth and appeal over the last few years, and Los Angeles is no exception. The burgeoning barcade scene has been thriving throughout LA, offering a great option for gamers, barflies, and those looking for a venue with the perfect level of lowkey fun. If you’re having trouble choosing just one spot, consider a barcade crawl to get a taste of everything the scene has to offer.

    Los Angeles truly offers your pick of dozens of excellent barcades, so making your choice may come down to the food, vibe, and specific arcade cabinets for your birthday celebration. Button Mash in Echo Park features an excellent selection of classic cabinets, but the main feature is the menu that comes from Starry Kitchen and features Asian-fusion comfort food.

    Walt’s Bar, located in Eagle Rock, offers more retro design with a focus on classic pinball machines from the 60s and 70s. The menu features classic bar fare, including pretzels and hot dogs, alongside an excellent selection of beer and wine, making it a perfect spot for your special day.

    If you and your birthday party members are in for a more eclectic experience, Busby’s East might have just what you’re looking for. Located in Miracle Mile, Busby’s East has just about everything you could ask for when it comes to planning the perfect birthday celebration. It’s a dance club and a sports bar and an arcade with a nine-hole miniature golf course in the back room. Whether you want to play classic board games or shoot some pool, Busby’s East has a unique blend of activities for fans of analog and digital alike.

    Bowl to Your Heart’s Content

    Adjacent to the barcade, the bowling alley has seen its own resurgence over the years, updating dusty old alleys into modern, fun venues without sacrificing the simple fun of rolling a ball into some pins. If you’re with family, bowling is one of the best and easiest things to do in Los Angeles with kids.

    The Spare Room is one of the more unique bowling alleys in the city. Located on the mezzanine level of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Spare Room is an elegant two-lane alley that is fitted with brass and oak around every corner. Bowling shoes come specially designed by George Esquivel, while an attendant in suspenders and snap-brim cap keeps score for your party. A gaming lounge offers a wide array of classic (though upscaled) board games, while an impressive drink menu offers everything you need, along with alcoholic punch bowls for the party.

    For something a little more down to earth, Bowlero Mar Vista offers a 28-lane bowling alley with a California road trip aesthetic. Complete with an arcade, sports bar, and lounge area, Bowlero Mar Vista offers plenty of space for your party to roam throughout the night. Live DJs spin your favorite tunes on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Good Food and Drinks

    If you want to forego large parties and just have a quiet meal with some of your closest family and friends, you have just about anywhere to choose from. Finding good food and drink is one of the easiest things to do in Downtown Los Angeles. Listing out all of the best restaurants in Los Angeles to celebrate a birthday is a fool’s errand based entirely on the sheer number of restaurants, cafes, and eateries you have at your fingertips.

    To splurge on some Hollywood history, head to Musso and Frank Grill for your special day. Originally opened in 1919, Musso and Frank has hosted some of Hollywood’s elite, from Charlie Chaplin to F. Scott Fitzgerald. The extensive menu here remains largely unchanged since it started, save for some small tweaks to suit the modern-day palate. As a steakhouse, the main sellers are the filet mignon and the Grenadine of Beef. However, for those who imbibe, the real highlight at Musso and Frank Grill is the martini. A classic gin martini is served with olives and a carafe of leftover martini on the side, allowing you to enjoy that old school Hollywood cool on your birthday. If you don’t know where to celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles, this is it.

    Also located in Hollywood, Sassafras Saloon brings the South to the city. Wicker chairs, antique mirrors, and a rustic bar design bring the look and feel of the Bayou to life. The cocktail menu is full of distinctly southern delights alongside some true comfort food, including fried chicken sliders with sweet potato waffles. The saloon also features nightly performances from burlesque dancers, live bands, and more.

    If you have noodles on your mind, Tsujita is a must. Boasting possibly the best ramen in the city, Tsujita’s specialty is tsukemen, which, unlike ramen, the noodles are separated from the broth. Dip the noodles into the rich, warm broth for an explosion of flavors that is as satisfying as it is filling. Just make sure to bring cash and be ready to wait. It’s not uncommon to wait at least an hour to be seated.

    For those in the mood for French cuisine and good wine without the uptight atmosphere that usually accompanies them, Oriel is the perfect destination. Situated in Chinatown under an elevated train line, Oriel offers a pleasant, casual atmosphere without dipping into stagnant boredom. If you’re wondering how to meet people in Los Angeles, Oriel might just have the answe r. While the wine list isn’t as extensive as you might find elsewhere, it’s still full of surprises and unique pours that even the most well-read of your wine friends won’t expect. The food comprises easy but delicious French bistro fare that ranges from your classic charcuterie boards to steak tartare to loup de mer. It’s a simple and delightful space that runs on the idea of “maybe just one more glass”.

    The Great Outdoors

    If you need to work up an appetite prior to dinner or just want some time alone in the day to reflect and connect with nature, consider a hike to commemorate another year around the sun. Los Angeles is home to some of the best hiking trails that are easily accessible and suitable for all skill levels. From Runyon Canyon to the trails throughout Griffith Park, all of the hiking trails in the city offer that unique intersection of nature and city life.

    Of course, with the city’s near-perfect weather all year round, maybe you can skip out on the fancy restaurants and enjoy a picnic with your favorite people for your birthday party. Picnic spots range from Hancock Park to the Hollywood Bowl to Vista Hermosa Natural Park. Pack your favorite foods, a comfortable blanket, and a set of wireless speakers for a birthday picnic that is easy and laidback. Just don’t forget the cake.

    Celebrating your birthday in Los Angeles is hard only because there is so much to do, but no matter what you do, remember that the best part about your birthday is celebrating with the people you love. Look forward to your birthday celebration by booking a Los Angeles fully furnished home for you and your guests! Zeus is more than happy to accommodate your party.