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Temporary Housing for COVID Responders

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

Working as a traveling nurse or doctor can be incredibly fulfilling and invigorating—and during the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, it can also come with feelings of stress and anxiety.

At Zeus, we know that one way to alleviate those overwhelming feelings is to find a home that makes you feel comfortable. Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you start and end your day, and hopefully—the place that offers respite and rejuvenation during an otherwise crazy time.

If you’re a traveling first responder or company, we’ve put together a guide to temporary housing. From doctors and nurses to every healthcare professional in between, what you do is important (and so is finding the perfect temporary home).

Transplant Housing

Transplant Housing offers temporary housing for COVID-19 nurses or medical workers who are traveling. They believe that nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system and that traveling nurses are an essential part of the overall function of a medical facility. Transplant Housing is unique in that it offers rental properties across the entire United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Nurses can use the website to find housing options in the right area and if they don’t see a nearby property that matches what they’re looking for, they can fill out a form to request housing. With a focus on straightforward and affordable prices, Transplant Housing works to take the hassle out of travel nurse housing. A simplified user experience combined with peace of mind means happy nurses in cities all over the map—from San Francisco, California to Atlanta, Georgia. Check out their Transplant Blog to find some additional resources and reading material.

Hotel Rooms

According to Forbes, there are over 3.4 million hotel rooms available for temporary housing for healthcare workers. Over 15,000 hotels have signed up for a new initiative called “Hospitality for Hope” which connects hotel properties with healthcare workers. These hotel rooms are located close to healthcare facilities to make travel to and from the workplace easy for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. Hilton and American Express teamed up to donate up to one million nights in hotels across America to those on the frontlines for the fight against COVID-19. Through the end of May, these rooms are available for free to nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and medical staff who need a place to sleep or isolate themselves from their families. Marriott Bonvoy did something similar called “Rooms for Responders,” which provides $10 million worth of complimentary hotel stays to healthcare workers in cities that have been heavily affected by the pandemic. Hotels offer a flexible option in temporary housing for doctors and nurses throughout the country.

Corporate Housing

As the need for healthcare workers has increased, so has the need for housing for healthcare workers. Corporate Housing makes finding short term housing easy for doctors and nurses by connecting them with furnished apartments and rentals nationwide. Depending on where your assignment takes you, and how long it lasts, you can browse through the listings in different cities throughout the United States. Select your arrival date and departure date, then choose between hotels and corporate housing companies. The apartments are professionally-serviced and ideal for extended stays. Some locations even include privately owned houses, condos, and vacation properties. Due to the variety of options that Corporate Housing offers, there tends to be a choice in the list for every kind of home-away-from-home renter. For those working on the front lines, it’s especially crucial to have a spot that you can return to and find a peaceful respite after a busy day or night.


Zeus is a leader in temporary housing for healthcare workers and we’re proud to stand by our healthcare professionals as they fight against COVID-19. We offer beautiful, fully furnished homes for traveling nurses and doctors staying in the area for one month or longer. With over 2,000 rentals (and counting) we have a variety of studios, apartments, and neighborhood homes to help you feel comfortable and happy when you’re on the road. Our homes come equipped with all the everyday essentials, like top-rated mattresses, bath and cleaning basics, premium linens, and cable TV. We also provide on-site washers and dryers, so you don’t have to think twice about laundry once the day is through. Kitchen basics and coffee makers help get your day started and ensure you have a peaceful spot to cook up a good meal. Fast WiFi will help keep you in touch with your loved ones and our on-call local technicians will help, should anything go wrong. We’ve even stocked our homes with vacuum cleaners, dish soap, and paper towels to keep your space feeling fresh and tidy. If you’re a medical worker looking for temporary housing in the areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New York Metro, or Boston—we’d love to welcome you home to our smartly furnished rentals.

Select Corporate Housing

For those healthcare professionals who are working out of state during the COVID-19 pandemic, a convenient living situation is a key factor to happiness. You want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, minimizing travel time to and from your hospital or healthcare facility, and ensuring that your quality of life remains good. Select Corporate Housing understands the demands of the job and works under the slogan of, you take care of people all day; let us do the same for you. They offer quiet communities to ensure that you’re able to sleep when you need to, whether that’s during the day or night. They put all your bills under one check to alleviate any stress or extra work on your end and they’re located near work. One thing that’s neat about this company is that they also work with local service specialists who act as your tour guide, and give tips and virtual tours to familiarize you with your new neighborhood. Whether you want to relax at home on your day off or go for a walk at the local park, they’ll help you feel comfortable and at ease in your new surroundings.

Travel Nurse Housing

Travel Nurse Housing directly connects property owners with healthcare professionals to provide temporary housing for COVID-19 nurses. With over 25,000 furnished listings nationwide, the properties can be found in both big and small cities. Choose between furnished rooms, cottages, apartments, and more, depending on your housing preference; turn to the iPhone and Android App to make your stay easy. There’s also customer service and support 7 days a week, and all properties are verified and screened beforehand. If you know where your assignment is, get started by viewing their Search Map to see if you find a spot that suits you. The company also has a blog that offers insight for both owners and travel nurses alike, and covers topics like what to look for when searching for short term furnished rentals and what to pack before your departure.

Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder is a simple resource for traveling nurses and healthcare professionals. Their map covers over 25,000 properties nationwide and is used by many medical staffing housing coordinators. They focus on stays longer than 30 days and offer rooms, apartments, hotels, condos, back houses, townhouses, and more. All you have to do to search for temporary housing for healthcare workers is submit a free housing request. From there, hosts with availability in your area will contact you. From unique condos to traditional homes, the options are budget-friendly and stocked with the comforts of home.

At Zeus, we offer everything from short term housing for medical students to flexible housing construction companies are searching for. We thank the frontl ine workers for the endless hours they put in to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Like the companies we’ve listed above, we’re always proud to offer temporary housing for healthcare workers, especially during this time of COVID-19.

From our team to yours, we hope you stay safe and healthy out there and always find a comfortable home to put down roots (even when it’s temporary).

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