Temporary Housing for Caregivers

Are you a traveling caregiver? See our guide to temporary housing for caregivers to find your new home today.

Those who go into the profession of caregiving are compassionate, dedicated, and eager to help make the lives of those around them better and more fulfilling.

At Zeus, we know caring for others can be incredibly rewarding. Caregiving work is also demanding, which means it’s important to have a peaceful place to call home.

If you’re a traveling caregiver looking for a spot to put down some temporary roots, we have you covered. Whether you have your heart set on a city apartment or a neighborhood home, our guide to temporary housing for caregivers will help you find your dream spot.

From corporate housing to medical centers, let’s take a closer look at some sites you can use when you’re on-the-move.

Mercy Medical Center

Paving the way for what other medical centers might soon do, Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is offering temporary housing for caregivers who need another place to stay during the COVID-19 pandemic. In one building, they opened 17 private rooms, each with a bed, shower, and bathroom with plans to open 80 more rooms at Mount Mercy University. Although this type of support for caregivers might not yet be available near you, it might be worth your while to research what sort of local options are at your disposal. Mercy Medical Center and UnityPoint Health are offering these accommodations to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to those living in the same household as someone who is sick. They also recognize how working long hours combined with multiple day shifts and a long commute is exhausting. As things progress with COVID-19, don’t be afraid to reach out to medical centers in your area and seek advice on tips on housing for a temporary caregiver.

Select Corporate Housing

Select Corporate Housing offers housing for healthcare workers and caregivers who are traveli ng and need a temporary place to stay. They’re known for customized solutions that take into account the emotional energy and demands of being a caregiver. With their slogan—you take care of people all day; let us do the same for you—you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. These rental communities are quiet, which means after a long day or night, you can retreat to a peaceful space that’s not overrun with noise and activity. Select Corporate Housing consolidates all your bills into one monthly payment, so you can bid farewell to the extra headache of multiple things to think about. What’s especially great about this company is that they offer local service specialists, who are hired to help give virtual tours of your new city and select all the spots to explore when you have a day off. If it’s a safe community with an easy move-in procedure you’re after, check out their website and see if they offer lodging in your area-of-choice.

Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder is a popular option for temporary housing for caregivers and those working out of state. Whether you’re a nurse, a caregiver to a senior or any other type of traveling professional, Furnished Finder offers temporary lodging like townhouses, condos, and apartments (and some more eccentric options, like a luxury caboose). It’s used by over 100 medical staffing companies and covers over 25,000 properties nationwide. If you’re a caregiver who will be at a given location for 30 days or longer, this is a great option that will connect you with others who have similar lifestyles. Once you know where you’re traveling, visit their website and enter the city in the search bar. From there, you can choose from affordable monthly rentals and find a space you’re excited about. What’s nice about Furnished Finder is the variety of locations—whether your assignment is bringing you to Palm Springs, California or Saint Petersburg, Florida, the expansive options for housing make the site simple and user friendly. After a long day on the job, retreat to the comfort of your fully furnished home.


Nomad is an independent supplier of temporary housing that offers housing for caregivers and travelers. It was created with input from numerous relocation companies, large corporate organizations, and people who are on-the-move. By taking into account the needs of guests, Nomad provides solutions that meet your needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for something right near the place you care-give, or in a fun neighborhood to get a change of scenery, they’ll help you find the perfect spot to temporarily call home. Their rental process tests market pricing each time an inquiry is received so that they can then seek out unused apartment inventory and reserve it at a discount that meets your needs. When you know where you’re going, just visit the search bar and start your home hunt.


Between offering short term housing for medical workers, housing for caregivers, and housing for all other professions that might require work-related travel, Sublet is a worldwide option for temporary lodging. It’s a wise choice if you need something short term, though they offer long-term rentals as well. You can choose between furnished and unfurnished rentals as well as private rentals or room rentals. There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to Sublet and a massive database that offers landlords, leaseholders, and roommates the ability to post for free. If you want to have direct contact with your landlord or roommates, Sublet grants you that freedom. Perfect for those who want security—but also flexibility—you can search their database by postal code or listing ID.


Zeus is proud to offer temporary housing for caregivers that is fully furnished and thoughtfully designed. Maybe you’re bringing the kids along and looking for a family-friendly spot in a charming neighborhood. Perhaps it’s more of the city vibes you’re after, with a place that’s perfect for after-work evening strolls. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our database of 2,400 (and counting) studios, apartments, and homes are here to help you find a happy spot to rise and shine in the morning. In order to make business travel a breeze, we’re in the business of housing construction companies, caregivers, freelancers, and everyone in between. As a caregiver, we know how crucial it is to make sure your temporary home is sparkling clean upon move-in. That’s why we focus on Zeus maintaining the highest hygiene standards with 250-point inspections between every resident. We provide fast WiFi so you can stay virtually connected with friends and family and a smart lock with a code (or a lockbox with keys) so that you can check in as you please. Your Zeus stay will be ready for you the moment you arrive, complete with an award-winning mattress, essential cookware, and an extra comfy couch. Reliability and comfort are important for everyone in the traveling workforce, but especially for those who work as caregivers and healthcare professionals. Between an on-site washer and dryer, smart TV, and premium linens, you’ll have everything you need. With us, you don’t have to think twice about finding that perfect work-life balance.

From Nomad to Mercy Medical Center to Zeus, temporary housing for caregivers can vary based on city and place. Luckily, if you do a little bit of digging on the sites in this guide, we’re sure you’ll find an ideal place to rest, recharge, and prepare for the day of caregiving ahead.

The team at Zeus knows that a work-life balance is crucial with all jobs—but especially with caregiving. Whatever company you decide to book with, make sure you find a home-away-from-home that fills you up and gives you a chance to relax.

We’re wishing you luck as you embark on finding your next temporary home!