Price Guide: The Average Rent in San Francisco

Looking to move to San Francisco? See our guide on the average rent in San Francisco to help you in the process. Read more now.

Filled with natural landmarks, world-class restaurants, and endless things to see and do, San Francisco is known as one of the most incredible cities in the world. If you’re thinking about making your move to the City by the Bay, it’s good to familiarize yourself with San Francisco rent prices to help you along with the process.

The Zeus team has put together this guide to help ease your moving anxieties and make things a bit easier. First, let’s break down the average rent by neighborhood, then we’ll dive into what determines these rent prices, and some tips and tricks you can implement to make your hunt for apartment rentals run smoothly.

Average Rent Cost in San Francisco

Thanks to the team at Rent Cafe, their comprehensive list analyzes the rental market trends and figures out the average rent in San Francisco based on each distinct neighborhood.

On average, it finds that the most affordable neighborhoods in San Francisco are Treasure Island, Tenderloin, and Van Ness – Civic Center, while the most expensive are Duboce Triangle, Eureka Valley – Dolores Heights, and Presidio. The average apartment rent in San Francisco overall, it found, was $3,629.

Treasure Island


Van Ness – Civic Center




Downtown District 8 – North East




Hayes Valley


Russian Hill


Nob Hill


Western Addition


Bernal Heights


Lower Pacific Heights


Pacific Heights


Telegraph Hill


North Beach


Noe Valley


Silver Terrace


Hunters Point


Candlestick Point


Bayview Heights




Financial District – Barbary Coast


Outer Sunset


Inner Sunset


Golden Gate Heights


Central Sunset


North Panhandle


Alamo Square


Anza Vista


North Waterfront


Midtown Terrace


Glen Park


Diamond Heights


Cow Hollow


Forest Knolls


Inner Mission




Pine Lake Park


Merced Manor


Merced Heights




Lake Shore


Ingleside Heights


Mission Dolores




Presidio Heights


Lake Street


Jordan Park – Laurel Heights


Inner Richmond


Central Richmond


Lone Mountain


Golden Gate Park


Parnassus Heights


Haight Ashbury


Cole Valley


Buena Vista


Ashbury Heights


Visitacion Valley




Little Hollywood


South of Market


Potrero Hill


Twin Peaks


John McLaren Park


Crocker Amazon


Westwood Park


Outer Mission




Mount Davidson Manor


Mission Terrace






Yerba Buena


Central Waterfront – Dogpatch


Clarendon Heights


South Beach


Mission Bay


Eureka Valley – Dolores Heights


Duboce Triangle


Corona Heights




What Determines San Francisco Rent Prices

The average rent in San Francisco has to do with several factors. Though it’s always fluctuating, the monthly rent numbers above are a good representation of what you might expect to pay in the different neighborhoods. Here are some things that help to determine San Francisco rent prices.


Amenities will drive up the average apartment rent in San Francisco. These include pools, washer dryers, fitness centers, business centers, balconies, playgrounds, and community centers. In San Francisco, keep in mind that some buildings are older (and oozing with historic charm) so they might not have all these extra amenities. The key is to consider what amenities are important to you and how much you’re willing to pay for them. Some landlords may also include utilities in the overall monthly apartment cost, which is always a good thing to discuss beforehand.


San Francisco rent prices and location go hand-in-hand. The more desirable a location is, the higher the rent price will typically be. Demand in San Francisco can change slightly from year to year and it’s different for everyone. Some people want to be close to a university—while others have their hearts set on cable cars outside their front door. Before you get started on your search, do some research and see which locations are currently the hot spots in the rental market. If this is within your budget and lifestyle plans, go for it. If it’s slightly out of your range, you might want to fine-tune your location list.


The size of your apartment directly impacts your average rent cost in San Francisco. Generally, the smaller the apartment, the more affordable it will be. However, the costs will fluctuate based on amenities and apartment type (a luxury studio in a prime location might be more expensive than a non-luxury two-bedroom in a less desirable location).

Demand and Timing

Demand and timing also influence average apartment rent in San Francisco. If people are leaving San Francisco more quickly than they’re moving in—like now—rent prices will fall. On the other hand, if there’s an influx of movers, those same rental prices can go up. Demand can increase rent prices as well. If college students are looking for places to rent near campus at the beginning of the school year, demand can lead to a rise in costs. If they’re moving out at the end of the school year, demand (and cost) in these areas can decrease. If you know which area you’re going for, you can do a little research beforehand to see when demand is at its high peak and low point. If your move date is flexible, you can plan accordingly or get a long-term rental like Zeus in the meantime.

How to Make Your SF Apartment Hunt Easier

We know apartment hunting can be overwhelming, but there are a few key tricks that will help you with your search. From wish lists to budgets, here are our top tips for making your city apartment hunt go more smoothly.

Make a Wish List

Whether you’re apartment hunting in San Francisco or anywhere else around the country, start with a wish list. A wish list will help you keep track of the things that are most important to you when shopping for housing. When you’re living in a new spot, having amenities that enhance your quality of life is a huge plus. This list is different for everyone—some of us want an in-building pool or gym, others long for an in-unit washer dryer. Write your list in order of importance, then let the search begin.

Set a Budget

It’s no surprise that the average rent cost in San Francisco can be steep. If you set a budget and stick to it, it will help to narrow your search to the places that make sense financially. As a general rule of thumb, most experts suggest you should make three times more than what you’re paying for monthly rent.

Choose a Location

San Francisco rent prices differ from area to area and each location offers something special. The Marina has its Golden Gate Bridge views, Hayes Valley has its charm, and the Sunset has the beach. Taking your budget into consideration, choose a location—or a few—that you want to narrow in on before you begin the big search. Keep in mind, you can also extend your search out to other places in the Bay Area, like San Jose or Silicon Valley.

Explore the Areas

If you’re moving to San Francisco and aren’t completely familiar with the city, spend a few days exploring. Each area is unique and depending on your interests, you might be more drawn to some over others. If you don’t have the chance to physically visit the areas, take yourself on a virtual tour of the city. Find some digital publications where you can read about the restaurants, coffee shops, and culture. Use Google maps to peek around the area and see what the streets are like. Once you get a feel for the areas, you can see what best suits your tastes.

Zeus Listings in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Our San Francisco rent prices include lots of amenities to make your stay comfortable:

  • Bath and cleaning products
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If you’re comparing the average rent in Bostonaverage rent in New York City, and average rent in Seattle with those of San Francisco, you’ll find that different areas of each city have higher and lower price points.

San Francisco rent prices are notorious for being high, yet as with all cities, there are pockets and places waiting for you to call them home.

Whether you’re staying with Zeus or finding your dream spot elsewhere, we hope this guide helps you along on your rental journey. Wishing you the best of luck as you continue your search and settle into your dream spot!