Our Pricing: How it Works and How to Score the Best Deals

Our pricing is a little more complicated than traditional rental companies. We break down how we price homes and how you can score the best deals.

How our pricing works

Our pricing is dynamic—rather than offering the same price for one home throughout the year, the rate varies based on three key factors: seasonality, demand, and availability. Here’s how it works. 

Seasonality: Much like how flights or hotel prices fluctuate with the seasons, the same goes for our homes. However, our prices typically change based on a city’s demand during a particular season. For example, while some cities, like Seattle, have a high demand in the summer, we also see a high demand for cities like Miami in the winter (prices will likely be higher for these cities during this time). On the other hand, cities like LA and San Diego normally have steady demand and pricing throughout the year.

Demand: In addition to seasonality, an individual home’s demand can increase based on its appearance or proximity to an attraction (ever notice how a hotel’s nightly rate increases the closer it is to the beach?). Similarly, our prices can fluctuate depending on the demand for a home’s curb appeal or its proximity to a popular area, like downtown or a major city. 

Availability: Our goal is to minimize the vacancy times in our homes. We require a minimum of 30-night stays (you can move in on any available date), which means that if a home is available starting January 1, but a resident wants to move in on January 28, we will not be able to fill the 28-night gap between one resident moving out and another moving in. Our system is designed to minimize these gaps, so you’ll see the best price on a home if you’re booking soon after someone else moves out. It’ll appear on our site as the home’s available date. If you have some wiggle room with your dates, try our flexible date search for more choices and pricing options.  

What’s Included

Providing convenience, designing comfortable homes, and creating memorable experiences for our residents is important to us. We’ve factored these needs in our pricing. They include:

Home design: All of our homes come furnished and stocked with the basics. This not only saves our residents time but allows them to focus their attention on more important things while we cover the rest. 

Utilities: We want our residents to move in and start living hassle-free. Zeus installs and pays for all utilities, including gas, electricity, water, and WiFi. 

24/7 resident support: Questions or concerns can come up at any time—our team is available around the clock to assist our residents. 

How to score the best deals

Because our prices fluctuate, you may be wondering how to find the best home for the best price. Here are a few tips that’ll help you score the best deals. 

Think about your check-in date

If you book your stay as close as possible to the home’s first available date, you’ll get the best rate. We’re able to offer our most competitive rates when a home is fully booked, so we incentivize bookings shortly after the previous check-out by offering the lowest rates then. If your desired start date is a week or more after the home is available, you’ll see the price start to increase. Using our flexible search feature can help you find the right home at the best price. 

Stay a while

A longer stay will often mean a discount on your nightly rate. At many of our Zeus homes, if you book more than 3 months, you’ll earn our long-term stay discount and automatically save at least 5% (and often more, depending on the location). That long-term discount increases automatically if you hit 6 months (to at least 10%) and again at 12 months (to at least 15%). The best part: rent rates are set in advance for longer stays, so you won’t have to worry about fluctuating prices. 

Pay attention to taxes

Many cities apply taxes to stays shorter than 90 or 180 nights. When booking a home, check the pricing breakdown on the listing to see if your city of choice applies taxes. If it does, play around with the dates—you can save up to 15% in some locations. If your stay is sufficiently long to exceed the limit for that city, the tax line item on your Zeus pricing breakdown will not appear. Staying an extra week (or two!) can pay for itself if you exceed the minimum number of nights that triggers the tax.

Location, location, location

1 block to the beach or 5 blocks to the beach? Sometimes you can find a much lower rate for a home that’s just a few miles away. Try broadening your search radius or looking at different home sizes to score rates closer to your budget.

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Let us help!

If you’d rather have personalized help finding your next home, our bookings team is there for you. They’re experts on our homes and can help you find the right place at the right price, either over email or on the phone. Reach them at stay@zeusliving.com or at 415.849.4662.