Best Cities for FlexLiving

FlexLiving can take you anywhere, but for the best experience, try out a variety of cities. Here are our picks of best cities for FlexLiving, ranging from places you’ve always wanted to try to ones you’ve never considered.

FlexLiving—the new style of renting that offers geographic mobility, flexibility, and most of all, ease—comes with the freedom to live wherever, whenever. The perks: you’ll gain a new experience from each city you try. The drawback: deciding where to go. Though it’s tempting to only explore popular cities, in our experience, we’ve found that trying out a diverse range of locations is ideal. Why? It makes the most of your flexible lifestyle by being open to new places—live in a city that has never crossed your mind or explore a place known for its rich culture. Ready to make your move? Here are our picks for the best cities for FlexLiving.

Off the beaten path 

A flexible lifestyle may lead you to cities you’ve always wanted to visit, but consider trying out a few cities that are off the beaten path (they just might surprise you). Here are a few off-the-beaten-path cities to try:

Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re looking for a break from the fast-paced, wind down in Phoenix. It’s a big city, but with its desert climate and natural beauty, it has a different kind of pace—venture out for a morning hike at Tom’s Thumb, enjoy Sonoran Desert views from a hot air balloon, or spend a day tasting local wine at one of the nearby Scottsdale wineries. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy Lake Pleasant Regional Park—a 10,000-acre reservoir that covers nearly half of Northwest Valley. Locals come for sightseeing, kayaking, and cooling off in the waters of the reservoir (take a dip and explore Humbug Cove).

Kansas City, Missouri

While Kansas City may not be top of your list, it won’t disappoint. Known for its barbecue, art scene, and history, Kansas City is rooted in creativity, good times, and fun-loving people. If you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary, check out Propspero’s Books (an iconic shop full of rare and used titles), attend an art festival or outdoor concert, or follow the street murals as you explore the city’s distinct neighborhoods.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, Salt Lake City is for the outdoor lover. Stray away from the usual and visit Gilgal Sculpture Garden—the city’s best-kept secret. Tucked in a residential neighborhood, this garden is the perfect place to get away and take in the odd beauty of 12 original sculptures and over 70 stones engraved with scriptures, poems, and literary texts. The city’s food scene may also surprise you—visit Takashi for, what locals call, the best sushi in the city or try the flavorful Mediterranean small plates at Manoli’s. 

Big cities

Living in a big city is an unmatched experience. From the bright lights to the late nights to the endless options of things to do, big cities truly have something for everyone and are a great introduction to a lifestyle that will keep you on your toes and ready for adventure. Explore these cities while you’re on the go: 

New York, New York


New York, New York

New York is the city that never sleeps, but who needs sleep when you’re busy exploring? There are many great things about the city, but what makes New York special is its energy. With bars and restaurants open past midnight, creative locals circling the city, and eclectic neighborhoods, there’s always a chance to learn something new or do something you’ve never done. Our favorite part about New York? Time has no boundaries in the city. You can do just about anything at any time of the day: go for a late-night grocery run, drop inside the wine shop, and even hit the club for a dance or two all in one swoop. Anything goes in New York.

Chicago, Illinois

While Chicago is known for its architecture, food, and for being a little more windy than usual, what makes the city perfect for FlexLiving is its accessible public transportation and walkable neighborhoods, which you won’t find in smaller cities. Not only will you save money, but you’ll have a window-seat view of its diverse neighborhoods, time to talk to locals, and (a plus) you’ll avoid congested traffic and get to your destination faster. Another cool way to explore the city is through its bike-share program Divvy. There are stations all around the city, so go for a ride if you’re looking for an up-close experience.

Los Angeles, California

Some people visit Los Angeles for the weather alone, but the city has a lot more to offer. With its laid-back attitude and inclusive culture, L.A. is perfect for making connections, building new communities, and finding new hobbies. The city is a melting pot; in greater L.A. there are more than 140 nationalities (explore more of these cultures in neighborhoods, like Little Tokyo, Little Armenia, and Koreatown). In general, the city is made of hundreds of neighborhoods, each with a unique personality and character. A city as big as L.A. may first seem overwhelming, but it offers a feeling of freedom and a spacious atmosphere that gives you room to breathe and grow at your own pace. 

Low-cost cities

Traveling to different cities at a time can get costly. But the benefit of having the choice to live wherever you want is that you can choose to live in affordable cities that’ll give you more bang for your buck. Add these low-cost cities to your list: 

Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh, North Carolina

More and more people are moving to Raleigh for its beautiful scenery, slow pace, and low cost of living. With its housing expenses 30% lower than the national average and utility costs 4% lower, Raleigh proves itself to be more affordable than most U.S. cities. Take advantage of these low costs and enjoy the city for less—dinner for two at an average restaurant will cost you less than $50 (try A Place at the Table—Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe).

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As one of the most inexpensive cities on the East Coast, Philadelphia is a perfect place to live on a budget. The city’s most inexpensive neighborhoods are Melrose Park Gardens (average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $937/month) and Pennypack Woods (average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,085/month)—both have their share of restaurants, shops, and bars. You’ll also find entertainment in the city at a low cost: spend $20 on adult admission to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, $8/hour on bike trips around the city, or visit historic sites like the Liberty Bell for free. 

Austin, Texas

Keep Austin weird, but make it low-cost. While the city has become a growing hub for tech companies and has increased in population, Austin is still less expensive than other major U.S. cities (it costs 40% less to live in Austin vs. New York). The average rent in the city is $1,431 which is nearly even with the national average of $1,463. In Austin, your dollar will go a long way, but with so many free outdoor activities, there will be times when you won’t have to pull out your wallet at all. Dance to live music at Far Out Lounge, hike Mount Bonnell, or swim in one of Austin’s spring-fed swimming holes (Barton Springs Pool is a fan favorite).  

Cities with rich culture and history

Another major perk of FlexLiving is learning about different cultures and exploring a city’s history. While you’re on the go, try out a city that will introduce you to diverse people, foods, music, and neighborhoods. Here are our picks for cities that’ll give you a rich cultural experience: 

Miami, Florida


Miami, Florida

Beautiful beaches may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Miami, but with vibrant communities, rich cultures, and diversity, the city’s beaches are just the cherry on top. Miami is an eclectic city that moves to the heartbeat of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian cultures. You’ll find cultural influences in the city’s art, music, and, of course, food—stop by Little Haiti’s Caribbean Marketplace each Saturday for a taste of Caribbean food and products, take a Haitian folk dance class to experience the culture through movement, and, if you’re around in the fall, attend the Miami Carnival to experience Brazilian and Trinidadian carnival traditions. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Music lovers, make your way to Nashville for its incomparable music scene. Known as Music City, Nashville’s musical roots trace to African American influences, which are reflected in its blues scene. Collectively, blues and country music have shaped the city into the music mecca it is today. A couple of historic music venues to visit are the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium. Nashville also takes pride in its growing art scene—visit the First Saturday Art Crawl where, each month, local downtown Nashville galleries host events and exhibit openings. Lastly, you can’t talk about Nashville culture without mentioning barbecue. Get to know this city through its flavorful barbecue dishes (Edley’s Barb-B-Que is a must-visit). 

Washington, D.C.

A diverse city, Washington, D.C., is not only the nation’s capital but the national center for the arts (check out the city’s free museums). Thanks to natives like Duke Ellington who filled the city with jazz and blues, music and dance define the city. But, ultimately, you’ll find the heart of D.C. on U-street—a historic neighborhood that offers late-night dancing, eclectic foods, and culture. Catch live music at Howard Theatre, grab a bite at Ben’s Chili Bowl (a neighborhood staple since 1958), or take a self-guided tour of the neighborhood’s street murals. 

With FlexLiving, you have the option to live anywhere—and everywhere. Get the most out of your experience by being open to new places and trying out cities you’ve never considered. Explore our locations to try out a city that works best for you.