6 Simple Design Tips to Make Your Space Your Home

The Zeus Living home design team shared six simple design elements they incorporate in each of our Zeus-operated homes to ensure the most comfortable stays. And we’re passing them on to you. Put these home design tips to work and make your home not only stylish, but comfortable and convenient.

Missing that “ahhh” feeling at home? It may be time for a refresh. The Zeus Living home design team has outfitted thousands of homes, choosing the most impactful design elements for a comfortable, easy stay. When you stay in a home for a weekend, these things might not matter (as much), but if you’re staying for a month or longer, small touches go a long way. Our team shared six simple design elements they incorporate in each of our Zeus-operated homes and home design tips to ensure the most comfortable stays. And we’re passing them on to you.

Put these home design tips to work and make your space not only stylish, but comfortable and convenient.

Tip 1: Let there be (good) light

Lighting is key when creating cozy or functional spaces, so flip the switch on those harsh ceiling lights and create a warm ambiance with lamps. Floor or table? It doesn’t matter. We like to mix it up with tall floor lamps in the living room and unique table lamps in the bedroom.

Both styles are functional: floor lamps light specific areas, like a couch or chair, and will enhance activities, such as reading, conversation, or game nights. Table lamps are perfect for illuminating certain parts of a room, and great to use if you don’t want to disturb the person sitting or sleeping next to you.

Protip: Use soft white light bulbs instead of bright white bulbs to promote relaxation and create an intimate setting.

Tip 2: Invest in a floor-length mirror (you won’t regret it)

A floor-length mirror is a magical gem and a must-have in your home. Of course, it’s great for that last head-to-toe lookover before heading out, but it does so much more. We add floor-length mirrors to empty corners in our bedrooms and living rooms to make the space feel larger than it actually is.

Designed in several shapes, colors, and sizes, mirrors are an easy way to make a statement in your home. On top of its visual appeal, it’ll brighten your space with tons of natural light. If your room is a bit too dark, situate a floor-length mirror opposite a window to reflect the sunlight.

Protip: Use floor-length mirrors as a nifty way to hide small accidents, wall imperfections, or scratches.

Tip 3: Make your life easier with charging ports

Sometimes life gives us lemons—like hard-to-reach outlets behind our beds. Pulling your bed out from the wall to plug in your phone is a pain. But to solve this common problem, our home design team uses these home design tips: place charging ports on each bedroom nightstand for easy access. No moving furniture. No hunting for lost cords. Also, add charging ports to other areas in your home, like on living room side tables or even in the kitchen for convenience. Trust, having accessible outlets will instantly make charging your devices way more convenient.

Protip: If you’re looking for a less noticeable charging station, opt for nightstands or side tables designed with built-in outlets.

Tip 4: Stock up on laundry hampers

If you’re constantly stepping over messy piles of clothes and towels throughout your home or still looking for that missing sock, you need a laundry hamper. They may not be the most exciting household buy, but laundry hampers are essential for tidying up the home and creating a comfortable space.

Use them for storing dirty laundry and returning clean clothes (hampers with handles or wheels are a lifesaver!). We recommend keeping your hampers in the bedroom—it’s where you change your clothes the most, so naturally it’s the most convenient place to store them. Try to avoid storing your hamper in the bathroom; the humidity can develop mildew or odors.

Protip: If your laundry hamper is out in the open, ditch the plastic bin and go for a stylish hamper that can pass for decor.

Tip 5: Shop for appropriate-height seating

Counter/bar stools

Counter and bar stools make for comfortable dining and entertaining seating, but these beloved stools can get tricky. Trust us, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than hitting your knee under the counter when the stool is too high or straining to reach your plate because you’re sitting too low. For the ultimate comfort, purchase the appropriate size stool for your counter. Here are some measurements we follow when pairing counter stools in our homes:

24-inch stool: ideal for a 36″ counter

25-inch stool: can fit under a 36″ or 37″ bar or table

26-inch stool: ideal for a 38″ bar or counter

30-inch stool: suitable for a 42″ bar or counter

Desk chairs

Now that you’ve made space for an office inside your home, it’s important to purchase the right size desk chair. The ideal office chair height ranges from 16 to 21 inches off the floor and is most appropriate when two feet are touching the floor completely and arms are even with the height of the desk.

The wrong height chair can cause some serious problems—lower-back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and Golfer’s Elbow, to name a few. Double-check your measurements before you make a purchase.

Protip: To get the perfect office chair height, stand in front of your chair and adjust the height so the highest point of the seat is just below your knee cap.

Tip 6: Throw it in a basket (or tray)

Clutter can quickly make a comfortable space feel like a disaster. But we found that the best way to tackle clutter is to organize it in a basket or tray. Too many throw blankets? Roll them up and tuck them in a basket. Woven baskets are great for holding popular household items like throws, pillows, toys, games, and books.

We add extra personality to Zeus-operated homes by doubling our baskets as planters. You can do the same or try neatly placing baskets beneath a console table (the compliments will pour in). You can also store your miscellaneous items using a decorative tray. Within seconds, a tray will turn your odds and ends (candles, jewelry, mementos, decor, etc.) into a unified vignette.

Protip: For a nice aesthetic, vary the height and texture of the items in your tray and leave just enough empty space for a clean and finished look.

Designing a comfortable and functional home doesn’t have to be hard work (in fact, it’s pretty fun). A few simple household items and design tricks will leave your home refreshed and ready for living. Start putting these home design tips to work.

Want to see for yourself? You can find each of these design elements in our Zeus-operated homes. Browse our homes and plan your next stay in a comfortable, stylish home curated with you in mind.