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16 Jobs that Allow You to Travel

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

Long gone are the days where you have to suit up, commute to work, and spend the day sitting behind the screen of a computer in one location. If you have a thirst for exploration and adventure, there are plenty of jobs that involve traveling.

Whether you’re looking to travel consistently or occasionally, traveling allows workers to see new places consistently and seek out new and exciting experiences.

From hotel managers to creative directors, let’s take a closer look at jobs that allow you to travel (and get paid while you do it). You might just find it’s time to make a career change.

Flight Attendant

Also known as a steward/stewardess, flight attendants are important members of the aircrew. When it comes to jobs that allow you to travel around the world, flight attendants are known for their jet setting, wanderlust-inducing lifestyles. Whether you’re interested in touching down in Hawaii or Paris, becoming a part of an airline’s cabin crew is a sure way to see the world.

English Teacher

Typically, to teach English abroad, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree (in any major) and an ESL teaching qualification. From Latin America to Asia, if you’re on the hunt for a traveling job and you love teaching and helping others, this might be your dream job. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a new culture, foreign language and get inspired by those around you.


When it comes to creative jobs where you travel, photography is an inspirational and fulfilling profession. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer documenting giraffes in Africa, a wedding photographer following an elopement to Morocco, or a photojournalist on assignment in Germany — the opportunities for travel are infinite. If you’re already a studio-style photographer, take some time to branch out and diversify your portfolio. Discover what you’re most intrigued by, think of where it is you’d like to go and let your skills take you from there.

International Aid Worker

An international aid worker helps develop and manage emergency programs in various areas that are affected by environmental or developmental issues. If you’re intrigued by jobs where you travel and help others, this type of work serves to provide assistance and aid to communities around the world.

Au Pair

If you love kids and are looking for jobs that let you travel, an au pair is a fantastic option. Typically, an au pair is a young person who travels abroad to live with a family in exchange for childcare. If you’re interested in becoming an au pair in a foreign country, some agencies can help match you to a family.

Hotel Manager

From chefs to hotel managers, the hospitality industry is ripe with jobs that involve traveling. If you work with a hotel chain with locations around the world, you’ll find opportunities to travel internationally. Some hotel managers start in San Francisco and wind up in Milan. It all depends on the hotel chain and your position — but hospitality is a uniquely global industry and becoming a part of it ensures chances for travel.

Airline Pilot

For those who are interested in the aviation industry, working as an airline pilot allows you to work while traveling through the air and th e clouds. From private charters to big airlines who transport people, to those who move goods to and from — being an airline pilot means the freedom to travel. There are different types of pilot certifications, so if you’re interested in going this route, do your research and see which one you’re interested in.

Creative Director

When your brain buzzes with all things creative, from project concept to execution, and you know how to be productive while driving creative sales, you might have a gift for creative direction. A creative director works with designers, artists, copywriters, and social media marketers to oversee projects and help to guide the artistic vision. Depending on what industry you’re in, these exciting creative direction jobs that let you travel can range from the film industry to the food industry.

Resort or Summer Camp Work

Resort and summer camp work are unique jobs that involve traveling during particular times of the year. In some places, like where the cool weather sets in during wintertime, the staff is brought on only seasonal. A rotation of guides, housekeepers, chefs, kitchen crew, and lobby attendants show up for a chunk of time to partake in seasonal work. The work is long and not for everyone, but if you do take the chance, resort or summer camp work paves the way for long-lasting relationships and the opportunity to travel around the country or the world. If you’re the type of worker who cringes at the thought of sitting behind a computer every day, getting out there in nature is an invigorating and inspiring option.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives are crucial in a variety of industries. From chocolate companies to medical devices, sales representatives typically balance their work in the office, at home, and on-the-road. When it comes to jobs that allow you to travel, the job of a sales representative is also an interactive one. It requires that you sell products, goods, and services for your company and think on your feet to ensure a smooth sales process with a client or potential client.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers create strategies for products, services, and companies. Whether you’re working for a tech startup, an insurance agency, or a fitness brand — marketing managers play a crucial role in the overall success of a company. If you’re working for an international company, another perk of the job is to travel and meet with sales representatives, clients, or other members of the company.

Peace Corps Volunteer

Volunteering for the Peace Corps is a major commitment — but if you’re searching for jobs where you travel and make a difference in the world, this one might be a fit. The mission of the Peace Corps is to provide social and economic development abroad. Volunteers do receive a salary and paid vacation days, and the countries served include Africa, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and more. The Peace Corps is run by the United States Government and can be an incredible opportunity for the right person.


Consultants are hired to help share their knowledge and expertise with businesses of all kinds. There are financial consultants, human resource consultants, environmental consultants, restaurant consultants, and many more. From ideas on how to eat healthy while traveling to the best business trip packing list, the ultimate in consulting for the travel enthusiast is travel consulting. Whatever type of consulting you choose, consultants can travel around the world advising businesses and individuals. If you have expertise in a particular field and enjoy helping others brainstorm and solve problems, consulting might be a good fit. From ideas on how to eat healthy while traveling to the best business trip packing list, the ultimate in consulting for the travel enthusiast — is travel consulting.

Event Coordinator

For those who appreciate gatherings like concerts and weddings, event coordinating offers the chance to plan everything from trade shows to music festivals. Even if your work is being done in an office, you’ll get to spend time out in the field during your event connecting with vendors and hosts. For the social butterfly in the crowd, event coordinating requires detail-oriented people who love planning and working behind the scenes.


Another creative option, travel writers work with journals and publications around the world. Whether you’re reporting on the best spots for snorkeling or the best burger in the area, travel writing offers an opportunity to dive in and get to know new places and people. You may work for a publication that chooses your assignments for you, or you may work freelance, where you pitch your ideas to various outlets. Whichever way you go, the world of writing is filled with jobs that let you travel.

Travel Agent

The ultimate jobs that involve international travel — both virtually and physically — are jobs of travel agents. Travel agents offer advice, plan travel itineraries, and sell various services. They might help with passports, lodging, and insurance. If you’re interested in learning about all different parts of the world and prefer to live and breathe travel, the job of a travel agent will be rewarding and invigorating. Plus, as a perk of the job, travel agents might receive free or partially subsidized travel.

From consulting to event coordinating, job opportunities that involve traveling tend to offer a healthy work-life balance and the ability to meet new people from around the world.

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