11 Gifts for Someone Who Travels a Lot for Work

It’s the thought that counts. See our list of gifts for someone who travels a lot for work to bring a smile to their face and yours.

Between the long plane rides, the endless packing (and unpacking), and the work deadlines, traveling can often seem far from a vacation when you’re doing it for work. People who travel for work have a lot going on, and balancing traveling for work and relationships can often be tough to manage at the same time. But one thing that can help you connect to that person who’s always traveling is a thoughtful gift they’ll bring with them whenever they leave town.

From headphones to packing cubes, here’s our list of gifts for someone who travels a lot. May they inspire you to surprise the people you love with a unique travel gift.

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you’re wondering what to get someone who travels a lot, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Whether you’re venturing to the local coffee shop to get some work done or taking off on an airplane, a new set of headphones always does the trick for a business traveler. Check out these around-ear wireless headphones from Bose, which can be purchased in black or white and come with a 90-day risk-free trial (in case your recipient doesn’t love them as much as you’d hope—but who wouldn’t?). As their website says, music makes you feel free, and that’s especially true when you’re jet setting off on a work trip.

2. Good Travel Backpack

For those work travelers who do a lot of day trips or overnights, a good travel backpack is essential, therefore being a perfect travel gift idea. They can leave for their work trip in the morning with nothing more than a backpack filled with an extra outfit, a charged-up laptop, and a toothbrush. Backpacks are good for travelers, as it allows them to be handsfree when strolling around the airport or office. There are plenty of brands you can go with, though this ebags pro slim weekender comes with the option to roll it (which makes it both convenient and versatile). Backpacks make great gifts for someone who travels for work, particularly when they look sleek and carry out multiple functions.

3. Packing Cubes

If your loved one has yet to use packing cubes, prepare to revolutionize their travels. Packing cubes make the most of your suitcase space by helping compress your belongings. Put your rolled up tee-shirts in one and your pants in another. Not only do packing cubes help with the physical organization of a suitcase, but they also aid in mental clarity during busy mornings. If your friend or a family member has ever mentioned feeling chaos in the morning as they try to figure out what to wear—consider packing cubes their must-have gift. Osprey makes these ultra light packing cubes, which are ideal for people who are flying and concerned with the weight of their carry on or checked bag (we’ve been there before and we know that every half-pound matters).

4. Cozy Blanket

Even on the hottest of summer days, airplanes can be cold on a long flight. A soft blanket that’s easily transportable is a cozy travel gift. Not only will it keep them warm during chilly moments, but it will also offer a feeling of comfort when they’re on the road and away from family. Look for a compact travel blanket that comes in a carrying case and can easily be stored in luggage when it’s not in use. This 3-in-1 travel blanket from Amazon can be used as a blanket, neck roll, or nap pillow and is made with microfleece for all-season comfort. It has a roll-up design which makes it easy to toss into a bag and pull out when you get cold.

5. A Travel Journal

When you’re on the go (and have a moment to spare) traveling, even work traveling, can come with its fair share of inspiration. If you’re hunting for gifts for someone who travels a lot for work and is also creative and introspective, find them a good travel journal. Whether they’re finding some time to jot their thoughts on the plane or after a long day of meetings, journaling can help travelers practice mindfulness. Repetitive days of solo travel can also get lonely, and having a journal to turn to and work through the emotions of the day offers a positive experience. When selecting a journal, think of the gift recipient’s style and go from there.

6. New Luggage

For avid travelers, nothing screams luxury like new luggage. Many of us tote around old luggage like a pair of running shoes we just can’t get rid of and if it works—we often just keep it (rather than investing in something new). For this reason, luggage makes the list of perfect gifts for someone who travels a lot for work. Before purchasing new luggage, there’s one main question you want to ask yourself. Does your traveler do carry-on or checked-luggage when they fly? If you’re unsure, opt for the safe route of carry on, which they can always use for smaller trips or even when they’re traveling by car. There’s tons of nice, quality luggage to choose from, though we’re fans of Away, which is built for modern travel and features a clean, versatile design. The Bigger Carry-On is sized up, made to last for life, and fits in the overhead bin of most major airlines. Plus, it comes in a whole slew of fun colors to get your traveler geared up for the work adventure ahead. Add a personalized luggage tag to make it a unique gift.

7. Eye Mask

Eye masks (or sleep mask) come in handy in hotel rooms, airplanes, and long car rides when you need to get some shut-eye (or just want to block out the world). They’re easy to carry in a purse or bag and tend to be an essential part of every pro-travelers tool kit. The best kind delivers total darkness, which helps get some rest on long flights and ensure you don’t show up to your cross-country meeting feeling the not-so-fun effects of jet lag. There are plenty of options, from silk eye masks to leather eye masks, and what you buy just depends on what you’re looking for.

8. Small Camera

If you’re not traveling with your family member or friend on their work ventures, you’ll likely want to see some snapshots of the places they’ve been. Although using a cell phone is always an easy way to capture sites and scenes, something is inspiring about ditching the work phone for an hour or two and bringing a small camera along on your morning walk. Visit your local camera store with an idea of your budget and someone can most certainly help you find the perfect gift. As you do your shopping, keep in mind these three things—portability, image quality, and versatility. The best part about gifting a small camera is that when your loved one returns home, you’ll get to reap the rewards as you virtually travel with them through their photographs. This is a good option for parents who travel for work, as kids will look forward to sifting through the images of new places once Mom or Dad returns.

9. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles (and coffee mugs) are some of the most-needed gifts for someone who travels a lot for work. The price of those gift shop water bottles can add up fast, plus, it’s not the most eco-friendly way to stay hydrated when you’re on the road. A nice reusable water bottle is a practical and long-lasting gift. It’s easy to get dehydrated on an airplane, but these days, lots of airports encourage travelers to bring along refillable bottles and provide stations where you can fill up. For travelers looking to conserve space, Que makes a collapsible bottle that can shrink to half of its size to make it compact and lightweight. They’re BPA-Free and non-toxic, made from 100% food-grade Silicone. They also can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

10. Neck Pillow

In somewhat the same realm as a comfy blanket, a good neck pillow can work wonders for a frequent traveler. On long train, airplane, or car rides, neck pillows can help your neck stay put and make your naps more comfortable and free from neck cramps. Many of these pillows are machine washable and some come with the added bonus of Memory Foam. This Therm-a-Rest pillow is no-frills and can be used for everything from traveling to backpacking. It comes in a bunch of fun prints that you can select based on your gift recipient’s favorite color, like eagle print, denim, and pistachio.

11. Zeus

For the ultimate answer on what to get someone who travels a lot, go for the gift of Zeus, fully furnished home rentals. As opposed to a typical business hotel stay, Zeus offers all the comfort of home, from luxury linens to all the kitchen basics. After a day of meetings, come home and unwind by whipping up a meal in your own kitchen.

Whether you’re gifting Zeus or any of the other items above, we hope this list has inspired you to pick out something thoughtful and meaningful for the travelers in your life.